Gemini Alt opens the doors to alternative asset strategies

Alternative assets can bring significant benefits to investment portfolios through diversifying exposure away from traditional fixed income and equity assets. Combining different types of alternative assets into a portfolio, can produce a more optimal asset allocation, which can lend itself to performance benefits during sustained periods of weak equity market performance.

By combining operational services into one location Gemini creates an operational environment containing a highly controlled and secure infrastructure with lower costs, and increased risk mitigation resulting in increased investor efficiency.

Investor Benefits

A single, operationally efficient infrastructure providing you with near real-time data, frequent liquidity, and notional funding capabilities

Access to state-of-the art, best-of-breed technology and reporting to monitor the performance of the portfolio

Extensive due diligence on each trading manager to confirm the manager’s suitability for inclusion on the Gemini Alt platform and their ability to execute their trading strategy.

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