Alternative investments are investment products other than traditional asset types such as stocks, bonds, and cash. Because of their markedly different risk and return characteristics, alternative investments serve to stabilize and add diversification to traditional portfolios, while also potentially increasing long-term returns. There is a broad range of alternative investments, including:

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Managed Futures


Hedge Funds

Foreign Equities

Derivatives Contracts

Real Estate

What is a MAP ?

A MAP is an operational infrastructure built to provide investors with a managed account like experience with control and transparency in their investing strategy.

How a MAP works
  • Investors have a single, operationally efficient infrastructure that provides them with near real-time data, frequent liquidity, notional funding capabilities, and risk management.
  • Each fund is a limited liability company.
  • Trading managers are engaged as advisors on the MAP.
  • Galaxy Plus managers trade a mixture of exchange traded futures, options, and OTC FX

Client Benefits

Notional Funding


Fee Structure

Straight forward with no undefined costs

Risk Management

Why Galaxy Plus

Galaxy Plus Fund is the centralized framework for your investment needs.
Galaxy Plus advances the MAP by providing operation services for managers & investors.

Manager Solutions

Unparalleled Manager Due Diligence

Before being listed on our platform, every manager is thoroughly vetted and reviewed. We analyze, review, and identify manager strategies, abilities, and backgrounds, as well as relevant strengths and weaknesses. We only accept manager who meet our high standards for transparency and performance.

Our due diligence doesn’t stop once a manager is on the platform. We continue to monitor all of our managers to ensure that they stay within the established parameters of their investment strategy.


Dedicated, focused internal and external sales teams that actively promote the managers on the Platform

Customer Service

Personalized, superior and responsive customer service; we value our partnership with you

Established Infrastructure

Gemini Alternative Funds is a wholly owned subsidiary of NorthStar Financial Services Group, LLC

Fee Structure

Cost effective and straight forward pricing terms


Eliminates the conflict of interest of “one-stop shop” platforms

Investor Solutions


A single, operationally efficient infrastructure that provides near real-time data, frequency of liquidity and notional funding of investments and risk management

Due Diligence

We evaluate and analyze all facets of a trading manager’s operations to confirm a manager’s suitability for inclusion on the Galaxy Plus Platform


Flexible liquidity terms, no lock up periods or redemption fees

Fee Structure

Cost effective solution for an investor’s need for a structured product


Access to state of the art, best of breed technology and reporting to monitor the performance of the portfolio

Building a Portfolio: What's Important

When considering your investment alternatives, a MAP can provide significant benefits. In the portfolio building process, choosing the right manager or group of managers can play an important role in your investment experience. A MAP can provide many different types of managers and provide its investors access to:


Direct exposure to specific products; energy, commodities, etc.

Track record comparison and analysis

Timely and effective performance data

Uncorrelated investments to your existing portfolio

Tax considerations